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Predicting the future – signs of life on other planets?

A recent New York Times article reported that scientists have discovered potential signs of life in the form of a gas in the atmosphere on Venus. Astronomers used powerful telescopes to detect the chemical phosphine which they interpret as a sign that something is alive on the planet.

Venus is about the same size as Earth, but its atmosphere is dominated by carbon dioxide gas and temperatures on Venus are about 800 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s talk that a cloud layer just below the top of its atmosphere may be only about 86 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s possible that life of some sort may exist there.

Much more research is required, but the idea of life on another planet is something many of us Earthlings have considered including my father, Fred H. Rohn in his memoir, A Fortunate Life:

“Some form of human life as we now know it will be discovered on a planet in another solar system within our galaxy.”

Although my father was thinking outside the solar system and not so close to home, and he had other ideas about whether these life forms would be as advanced as ours, I wonder what he would make of this recent development!

Read “Life on Venus? Astronomers See a Signal in Its Clouds” from 9/14/20 here.

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