So many ways to self-publish – here’s how we did it

There are many ways to get your book published, and not just by a major publishing house. The self-publishing market has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last couple years. That can be hard for authors, who prefer to spend their time writing, rather than figuring out the twists and turns of publishing. Many new and indie authors manage the whole process themselves, and hire out editors and book cover designers. If you’re…

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Author Updaate

An Update

Hello, I am posting this on behalf of my father, Fred Rohn, who passed away on June 2. He was very excited about the May release of his most recent book, Encounters: Relationships in Conflict, a collection of short fiction. Prior to that, I worked with him to publish his memoir, A Fortunate Life, a chronology of personal reflections in the context of growing up during the Depression and World War II. Music was a…

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Short Fiction

Writing and publishing – the final steps are just ahead

There are a lot of steps involved in writing and publishing a book. I am in the final stretch for my new book of short fiction entitled Encounters: Relationships in Conflict. Here’s a bit about it: Social mores change from year to year, but one thing remains constant: conflict between people results from differing perceptions, often between men and women and between different generations. In each story, characters confront a variety of personal and professional…

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